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Make a Difference.

Spreading knowledge and working collectively to build a better world

Humblebee was founded on the idea that if a group of people can make their own small contribution to the cause, we can change the world. Our organization seeks to create a hive of likeminded altruists dedicated to problem solving and collective action. We seek to spread our research and volunteers to places in need around the world and pollinate their communities with the global development solutions they need to bloom to their full potential.

828 Million

people go to bed hungry

Source: UN Food and Agriculture Organization

775 Million

can't keep the lights on

Source: International Energy Agency


of the global
population can
not afford a
nutritious diet

Source: UN Food and Agriculture Organization


of agricultural
topsoil has

Source: UN Food and Agriculture Organization


Humblebee is primarily focused on solving issues of scarcity and waste that are hindering global development in the 21st century. The projects we are involved with tend to fall within the spheres of food security, sustainability, and conservation of our natural resources.


Finding ways to meet the needs of the present without depleting our resources for the future.


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Food & Nutritional Science

Ensuring everyone, everywhere, has adequate access to safe, sufficient and nutritious meals.


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Protecting our ecosystems to preserve their precious natural resources and biodiversity.

Social & Economics

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One of our core values at Humblebee is that effecting real change is always a group effort. Humblebee is proud to include students, academia, our business community, government agencies and NGOs in our mission to accomplish global development projects across the globe.


Through our internship program for high school and university students, Humblebee helps our intern community enhance their research skills and gain practical experience for working in global development.


Humblebee is honored to support universities with research collaboration and knowledge sharing, offering our expertise, data, and resources to help academics find impactful insights and solutions.


By offering thought-provoking, sustainable, concepts and insights, Humblebee can helps businesses and entrepreneurs adopt new strategies and business models that help their companies and communities flourish.


As the frontline for implementing global development projects, we welcome all government agencies and non-profits to freely use our research to help inform policy and support their global development missions.

Explore Your Passions
With Work That Matters

A Humblebee team is focused on problems of resource and environmental sustainability and finding new ways to apply technology to mitigate these issues. With three unique service areas and an endless variety of projects available, you'll always have the opportunity to work on what's most important to you.

What You'll be
Doing at Humblebee

At the start of your partnership with Humblebee, you will be given a global development problem to work on, along with a technical assignment based on your skill set and professional interests. Work is mostly at your own pace, but with regular check-ins with the team for collaboration, guidance, and discussion.

Research and
Problem Solving

At the start of your partnership, you'll be assigned with a problem that suits your skill set and interests. From there, much of the work is self-directed and you'll be given a lot of freedom to take on your project your way.

Contributing to
our Shared
Knowledge Base

The work you produce for us gets added to our database to be shared and built on by others seeking to solve these important issues. We will provide access to the research and projects that you made to universities, non profits, governments or whoever else is interested in taking it further.


Are you a high school or college student who loves learning and willing to volunteer your time for global development research? An internship with Humblebee promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience to develop valuable professional skills in service to a cause that matters.

Make the World a Better Place

Looking for meaningful work? Global development is all about making a positive difference for our entire world.

Develop your Skillset

Your work at Humblebee will help you hone a skillset that will serve you throughout your academic and professional career.

Explore Future Career Paths

An internship with Humblebee is perfect for exploring careers in the nonprofit sector and letting you find out firsthand if a future in Global Development is for you.

Example Projects

Curious about the type of work you'll be doing at Humblebee. We offer a huge variety of projects and pathways so you can focus on the global issues and professional skills that interest you most.


Craft an academic proposal to describe what Africa needs to do to survive food shortages

Learn more

Create a business model for a eco-friendly product that helps people dispose of their food waste

Learn more

Code a program that helps aid groups plan how to best distribute food donations

Learn more


  • Currently Enrolled Student, 10th Grade-College
  • Self Motivated, with a Love of Learning
  • Demonstrable Interest in Global Issues
  • Strong Communication and Writing Skills
  • Analytical and Problem-Solving Abilities
  • Technical Aptitude
  • Great at Working Alone and as Part of a Team
  • Passion for Helping Others

Humblebee is accepting interns around the world, from 10th grade to college level to join our hive. Internships are part-time and fully remote. The listed qualifications are preferred but feel free to apply even if you don’t meet everything, as we are always looking to work with enthusiastic and passionate students.



Jenny Chotirawi, Founder

Coming from a long-spanning career in the food industry, Jenny is an indefatigable advocate for food science and safety. With a degree in food science from Cornell University, Global Food Law from Michigan State University, and 17+ years in regulatory affairs, Jenny is eager to put all her professional experience to work and establish the Humblebee as a research leader in the fields of food science and global development.

Joe Chotirawi, Co-founder

An avid entrepreneur, Joe has experience with leading teams and leveraging new technologies. Joe is passionate about developing forward-thinking, sustainable, and innovative technological solutions to create tangible improvements for human prosperity and well-being.

True Fong-Vig, Communications Manager

Responsible for helping Humblebee bring attention to our important causes, True is dedicated to putting his writing and marketing skills to work to effect positive change. True is inspired by the beauty of nature and believes in the power of words to bring people together and save the world.

Are You Up to the Challenge? Apply Today.

The Humblebee is always looking for new applicants but selection is competitive and available seats are limited.

Have questions about volunteering or the application process? Send us a message

Are You Up to the Challenge? Apply Today.

The Humblebee is always looking for new applicants but selection is competitive and available seats are limited.